17 Things You Didn’t Know About Me


  1. I can play the piano, drums, gee-tar and sing.
  2. I studied American Literature & Culture at UCLA…go Bruins!
  3. My all time favorite city on the planet is London.
  4. I’ve done 2 Los Angeles marathons….with my mama(she’s done about 5 now and is over 70)!
  5. I use to be a serious gymnast as a kiddo and could easily do a roundoff backhand spring full twist layout…on a balance beam.
  6. I moved to NYC on a whim 15 years ago. Sold my things, bought a ticket and lived in a hostel my first month there.
  7. I have stellar celebrity spotting skills. I’ve seen everyone from Madonna to Oprah to Britney Spears. Partially because I live in Los Angeles, but if there’s someone famous in Boise, Idaho I’d probably run into them at the local 7-11.
  8. I bought a dog on my lunch break when I worked at Bloomingdales. Never returned to work, (sorry Bloomies), but had my little cray cray Jack Russell Terrier for 14 years. Love you Freddy.
  9. I’m a native Angeleno and I love living in Hollyweird!
  10. My first trip was to Jamaica at age 6 to visit family.
  11. My second trip was to Paris to visit my mom’s friend Judy. We could see the Eiffel Tower from her balcony. I didn’t know how good I had it or how cool that was.
  12. I love the Peanuts gang and have to watch the Thanksgiving special every year. I love watching Snoopy serve popcorn, toast and candy as the main meal. My kinda dog.
  13. I record Jeopardy…and watch it for fun.
  14. My favorite New Kid was Joe, then Jordan, then Donnie.
  15. I’ve been to Iceland & Ireland & Israel.
  16. I saw a unidentified space object when I was 14. My family still makes fun of me…but I know what I saw 🙂
  17. I love wearing leopard or cheetah patterned anything. One day I’ll have a cheetah patterned room in my house. I’m thinking the closet.
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