12 Strategies For Growing Your List + Why You Must!


No matter what stage you’re in, in your biz, growing your newsletter list is the #1, cream of the crop, most important activity you need to focus on, no doubt.

This quote by Jeff Walker kinda sums it up

“A license to print money: Your list” 

Now the goal is NOT just to rack up a bunch of rando’s and then sit back but to actually use your list to offer genuine help, value and a chance to connect with the people who’ve raised their hand to be a part of your community.

If someone gives you their email addy…they’re totally into you.

Just to reeeeally drive home the point that you need a list to make money (and a difference in the world) let’s do a little math.

If you have a goal of selling 20 spots in your upcoming group program or getting 3 new clients this month then you need a certain number of people to get in front of in order to realistically make that happen.

That’s where your email list comes in!

Typically anywhere from 1 – 5% of people on your list will buy when you launch something new.

I never knew I liked math so much but I do want you to run the numbers so you can have real clarity of what it takes to hit your goals each month.

A lot of entrepreneurs get discouraged that their business isn’t where they want it to be.

“I don’t have clients, No One bought my course, Only 2 people showed up to my webinar, whyyyy”. But when I ask “How many people do you have on your list?”… it gets very quiet.

Every action you take to grow your list will grow your business and your bottom line, period.

Prioritizing list building gives your business focus. Set a clear goal to get your list to a certain number this month and you’ll instantly have very clear action steps you need to do each week to make that happen.

We need focus to make sh*t happen in our biz (talking to myself).

Anyway, if you look at your list size and get super honest…See if you have the size community needed to hit your goal each month.

If you want 3 clients, you need a list of about 100. VERY doable!

If you want to sell 20 seats in a workshop, then you’re going to need a bigger boat…somewhere closer to 500 or 1000.

Now without further ado…

Here are my best list building strategies..I’ve tried ALL of these and I’m going to share how you can start implementing them into your world domination plan today.

OH and I’m having a party soon that will show you exactly how tosell out your coaching so make sure to get on the V.I.P. list here.

1. Run a free challenge already!

This is honestly the bestest list builder evaaaa! Just do it. If you’re sitting there thinking, but how??? Go sign up for one and basically do what they did.

It can be 5 – 30 days, it can have daily prompts or weekly ones and if you want to get super fancy tricky, you can ask people to share it on social media to be entered to win some awesome prize at the end.

If you want to learn my step-by-step process for list building challenges with done for you email templates and the simple breakdown of how to run a successful challenge then you’ll want to check this out!

Make sure you run it live so people share it with their friends. I did this back in April and added over 1,000 new people to my community in less than 2 weeks. Bananas!!

Oh and you can literally take your free guide, pdf, e book or whatever your current freebie is and just pull it apart to turn it into a challenge (use what ya got!)..you do have something, right? If not then go to step two

2. Create a free guide, PDF, cheat sheet and promo it everywhere

You gotta have some free resource to give away. Something actionable, and easy to consume. Once you’ve created something awesome and valuable you need a place for people to get it

3. Create a landing page

This is non negotiable. You must have landing pages if you want to grow your business.

Yup, you’re gonna have to pay for it but it will be the best investment you’ve ever made.

I love using LeadPages but there are more affordable options out there like Unbounce pages or Landing Page Monkey so just pick something and get started.

4. Use that thank you page

Once someone signs up for your amazing free thing , please for the love of God and all things holy do not greet your new subbie with a boring “Thanks for subscribing” page.

Use this page as a way to either connect deeper with them by adding a thank you video so they can see you’re a real person and not a robot…OR adding a social share element asking them to share this amazing freebie on social media or join you over at your FB page/group.

The thank you page gets neglected but you’re going to go above and beyond and not skip this integral piece in your marketing pizza pie.

5. Social media strategize

Every single one of your social media profiles needs to have a link to your freebie.

This is how you drive traffic back to your website NOT. This is where you drive traffic to your super awesome amazing FREETHANG (which is on that super specific landing page) – that was a test!

Go over every single one of your social media channels from pinterest to instagram to youtube and make sure you have a link that drives people to your landing page.

**Bonus action tip – You can share your freebie at least once a week on any or all social media channels. If you went through the werk of creating something awesome please go out and tell everyone and their mama about it.

6. Have an uber clear CTA

I write CTA and FREE so much when giving client assignments I can’t not capitalize those words.

CTA is shorthand for call to action and FREE means I want it!

There’s a part of our brain that lights up at the word FREE. So make sure your landing page and social media channels tells people the following key points

a. what to do

b. and why – because it’s FREE!

So your landing page and anywhere you promote said landing page needs to tell people specifically what they need to do “click here now” and “it’s FREE!” so they take action.

7. Bundle up with your biz besties

Building a biz is SOOOOOOO much easier when you have friends!

If you don’t have any biz friends you need to get some right now (I’m starting a special girl group this month – you can join the V.I.P. list here).

One of the perks of being involved in group programs is the other business owners you meet.

Think of who you can pair up with to create a bundle freebie or a joint webinar workshop where you can cross promote or grow your audience together.

Who does something complimentary to what you do and how can you teem up to bring something awesome to the world?

Doing scary things like self-promotion is a zillion times easier when you have friends backing you up.

8. Add a Hello Bar

This is an awesome tool that doesn’t hit people over the head with your opt-in like a pop up box does. It’s free and you can add it to your website to capture people who land there too.

9. Post in FB groups

This is a great free way to get a few hundred people onto your list (especially if you’re doing a free challenge).

What groups are you active in or where does your potential client hang out? Go there and promo your freebie – some groups only allow this on certain days.

*Bonus Tip – When posting in FB groups, it’s best if you don’t leave the link to your freebie…instead ask people to comment “YES” if they want it. This keeps the post visible and boosted…then you just personal message the link to them.

10. Guest Blog Once A Month

This definitely works. If you find one great place to post and include the link to your awesome free thing and drive traffic to your landing page you can get some real traction.

If you love writing, pitch to at least one place every month. This is also a great way to build your authority and street cred. 😉

11. Focus on the give

Even though I’m talking list building strategies, the best way to frame this is to put yourself out there with the thought “What can I give?” “What can I share to help someone today?”

Giving value and being of service to people who need what you do is the fastest way to grow your list and your biz!

12. Try FaceBook Advertising

You know I have to throw this one into the mix.

Pop up a FB ad and let it run. I’m more than happy to invest in FB ads because the return on investment when done properly is out of this world and totally scalable!

The only tool I know where you can spend 1,000 and make 10,000.

If the thought of doing FB ads makes you want to run away from your computer screaming…don’t fear.

I’m going to be doing a live real time workshop for non techie ladies to get your ad set up RIGHT.

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So what’s your list building goal for the month?

If you want help taking action and implementing stellar marketing strategies to grow your business in the next 60 days then get on the V.I.P. list for my FREE workshop & party! You, me and a group of your new biz besties!!

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    1. Thanks so much!! I had so much fun compiling this list…this list building list. 🙂
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